10 Ways To Improve Your Online Home Business

10 Ways To Improve Your Online Home Business

All those who have online business are always interested in marketing techniques that can increase their sales. However, as far as Internet marketing is concerned, you can “test everything, but can assume nothing!”. That’s because on the Internet, you are not sure what’s going to work best for you…until you fully test it, and get results in terms of increased online exposure and sales.

Let’s have a close look at 10 ways to increase your online home business:

  • Increase your online visibility

With millions of companies on the Internet, you can improve the prospects of your online home business by increasing its search engine visibility. Most of the traffic (92 percent) to websites come from the big search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Buyers searching on these engines click on first few results on the SERPs (search engine result pages). If you are not there, you cannot make sales.

You can improve your online visibility with SEO (search engine optimization). You will have to increase your incoming links because they will help search engine bots to rank you high under proper categories and sub-categories.

You can do SEO by submitting articles to the top directories, forums, blogs, and with effective social media marketing. You can also submit videos on various video sharing sites such as YouTube with a link to your website.

  • Offer only one service or product on your home page

If you sell number of services or products on your websites, we’d strongly recommend you to try this strategy as this can work for your online home business. Past research has shown that offering only few products on one page with more information about them always leads to the higher sales.

Actually, it’s all about focus. Instead of pleasing every visitor of your website with products having minimal details, you should only 3-4 products or a set of products with focus on their key benefits.

In any case, you won’t have to stop selling other products, as you can offer them on other web pages with follow up offers. Of course, the best way to find whether this strategy will work for you it to test it on your target audience!

  • Reposition your opt-in offer for boosting your opt ins and build a bigger list

You can use your opt-in offer to gather intelligence about your customers, such as email list for building your list. This will help you in remaining in touch with them on regular basis, which helps in building relationship and loyalty. This way, you will sell them more and your online home business will grow.

However, you should position your opt-in offer prominently on your site as it can have huge impact on how may subscribers you can attract using your opt in page. If you are not using a long sales letter, you can place your opt-in at a prominent position on your home page. For instance, place it in the “top fold” as it will be easily visible before they scroll down your page.

  • Use hover ads to add impact to your promotions

You all know about pop-ups. They are a small attractive window containing your special offer or other vital information that may “pop up’ when you visit any website. Although many people get irritated with pop up’s and may block them, but they can be useful marketing tool for your online home business.

However, instead of pop ups you can also use hover ads as they don’t get blocked like them. If they click on your site, you can increase your sales by as much as 200 percent! You can place your opt-in offer right in your hover ad to see if it boosts your subscription numbers. You will definitely see positive results for your online home business.

  • Boldly feature various benefits in your headline

Headline can have big impact on your sales and growth of your online home business. It is the first thing that your customer will see when they visit your site. Therefore, you should do everything possible to attract eyeballs and compel them to read more about your offer.

A good headline will highlight any problem faced by your target audience and stress the benefits of your service or product.

  • Clearly establish a problem and show how you can solve it

You should write your first few paragraphs on your home page carefully, as you should go into the problem in detail, showing to your audience that you relate to them. When your audience will feel that you understand their problem, they will feel confident that you can resolve it.

If you are offering some products or services, show them how they are different from the others. Price is not the only deciding factor when online customers buy from you. Show them your USP.

  • Consider joint venture

You should tie-up with join venture partners. You can promote their products, and they yours. With this arrangement, your online home business can grow exponentially within a short time.

  • Use video marketing

You can increase awareness about your offerings by creating short videos (4-10 minutes) and posting them on video sharing websites such as YouTube. By sharing useful tips, you should aim for making your video highly visible and possibly viral. Add a link to your main website to see amazing increase in your sales.

  • PPC marketing campaign

You should hire a PPC agency to setup a marketing campaigns for your online home business. This agency will choose your niche keywords, and design powerful ads to rank them high on the search engines.

With increased visibility, interested users will click on your PPC ads and reach your website. The best thing about this advertising medium is that you get highly targeted ads for your online home business.

  • Add images and offer discounts and deals

You should add images of your products so that they appear more “real” to your customers and act as a powerful sales tool for you. Aside from this, you should offer discount codes and deals to entice your prospects. You can also some freebies, such as ebooks, reports, some small products free to boost sales.



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