Can You Make Money Writing Online ?

Can You Make Money Writing Online ?

Everyone wants financial freedom. The reasons are many; to be free of corporate obligations. No more bosses to answer to daily. No more traffic jam to endure. You can have a vacation whenever you want without being at the mercy of your employer.

Of course there are people who love what they do and just want to earn extra income by the side. That’s fine too. An extra $100 to $500 daily answering surveys or blogging will fund that desired home theatre system or a vacation in Rome!

Whatever the reason, it’s not impossible to put extra cash in your pocket without ever leaving your home. So what type of work am I talking about and how do you go about finding a company that will pay you for your writing services? First of all, let’s look at the type of work that is available online today. There are always people somewhere who prefer to outsource their workload to qualified individuals at an affordable rate and that person could be you.

1) Blogging
Many people make money blogging. However, this blog may not be yours. It could be a super busy internet marketer who doesn’t have time to update his blog daily and needs others to do it for him consistently. An active blog after all, is a money-money blog. A stagnant blog is a dead one. This blog writer could be someone like you, providing that you have a keen interest in the topic of the site.

2) Writing for Websites
This is about the same as blogging except that it is an independent site that constantly needs fresh material to update its visitors. Again, this is suitable for you if you are familiar with the site subject.

3) Surveys
This is an activity that usually takes between 15-30 minutes to complete and many surveys are done depending on the location of their members. Many only accept members from the US and Canada but there are many more that will take international members. The important thing here is to sign up with as many survey companies that you can find.

4) Data Entry
This is something that you read everywhere on the internet but may never know where to find work that you can actually get. This type of work is administrative in nature and may just be entering data like contact numbers and addresses to a specially prepared formatted word document.

There are actually many more kinds of work that you can find online. However, you need to do proper research on the company that interests you and find out if they deliver what they promise. Take your time. Rushing into it will cause you more grief and you will eventually give up a lucrative career that is rightfully yours!


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