What is Ach Comn Cap Apy F1 Auto Pay Charge?

Many times charges appear on the card or the bank statement, which are difficult to understand. One such transaction that you may notice is Comn Cap Apy F1. Many people reported this charge showing up on their bank statements. If you are looking for information about Comn Cap Apy F1, we are here to help you. We have listed more information about the transaction in the next section. Go ahead and check out the details now.

Comn Cap Apy F1

What is Ach Comn Cap Apy f1 Auto Pay Charge?

Common Cap Apy F1 will usually show up on the bank statement. This is a legit charge, and you must not worry about it. The charge will appear on the statement when you pay for an Ulta Credit Card. Some people also reported that the charge appeared on the statement for making payments to the card issued by Comenity Capital Bank. If you see this charge on the bank statement, you most likely have set up an auto-pay on the account.

We have had many users reporting this charge to us, and we have verified the legitimacy of the charge through multiple sources. There is nothing to worry about it. In addition, you must note that Comn Cap Apy F1  auto pay will appear on the bank statement.

What If I Haven’t Made any Payment?

We recommend recalling the charges on the bank statement. Try to check your email for the reference of the card statement with a similar account. Ideally, you should be able to find the charges associated with the transaction Comn Cap Apy F1. If you are still unable to find the charges, you must reach out to the bank and raise a fraud immediately. They will investigate the charges for you, and they will help you revert the charges. Please note that the bank representative will not ask for personal or financial information. We hope this page has helped you get the information you are looking for. If you are still in doubt about the transaction, please seek clarification from your bank, and they will be able to assist you.

It may also appear as one of the below transaction in Your Statement

1 CHECKCARD Ach Comn Cap Apy f1
2 CHKCARD Ach Comn Cap Apy f1
3 CHKCARDAch Comn Cap Apy f1
4 Misc. Debit Ach Comn Cap Apy f1
5 PENDING Ach Comn Cap Apy f1
6 POS Debit Ach Comn Cap Apy f1
7 POS PUR Ach Comn Cap Apy f1
8 POS PURCH Ach Comn Cap Apy f1
9 POS PURCHASE Ach Comn Cap Apy f1
10 POS REFUND Ach Comn Cap Apy f1
11 PRE-AUTH Ach Comn Cap Apy f1
12 Visa Check Card Ach Comn Cap Apy f1 MC



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