DD Vancouver BCCA Credit Card Charge

Have you ever seen a cryptic “DD VANCOUVER BCCA” charge on your credit card statement and wondered what it meant? You’re not alone. This seemingly confusing abbreviation is associated with a common food delivery service: DoorDash.

DD VANCOUVER BCCA Credit Card Charge


  • DD: Stands for DoorDash, a popular online food delivery platform.
  • VANCOUVER: Indicates the location of the transaction, likely Vancouver, Canada.
  • BCCA: Stands for British Columbia, the Canadian province where Vancouver is located.

Why does it appear on my statement?

This charge signifies a one-time purchase you made through DoorDash in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s not a recurring subscription fee or hidden cost, but a reflection of a specific food delivery order you placed.

What if I don’t recall the order?

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Check your DoorDash account: Look through your order history for transactions around the date of the “DD VANCOUVER BCCA” charge. This will help you identify the specific order details.
  2. Review your email: Search your emails for DoorDash order confirmations or receipts. The email might contain details about the restaurant, order amount, and delivery address, helping you jog your memory.

Is it a scam?

In most cases, “DD VANCOUVER BCCA” is not a scam. It’s a legitimate charge from DoorDash. However, if you’re unsure about the charge or suspect fraudulent activity, you can take further steps:

  1. Contact DoorDash customer support: Call the number provided on their website or app (855-431-0459) and explain the situation. They can provide details about the transaction, including the restaurant, date, and order amount.
  2. Contact your bank: If you’re still not convinced, reach out to your bank and report the suspicious charge. They can investigate the transaction and help you dispute it if necessary.

By understanding the meaning of “DD VANCOUVER BCCA” and following these steps, you can effectively manage your finances and ensure the security of your credit card information.



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