Getting More RSS Feed Subscribers to Your Blog for Greater Success

Getting More RSS Feed Subscribers to Your Blog for Greater Success

It’s very possible to come up with a multitude of ways to increase subscriber numbers to your blog, but you may want to think a little outside the square for ways to leverage your readers into becoming RSS feed subscribers. This article will look at some options available to you for raising the number of subscribers you have.

Publish New Posts Frequently and Consistently: Top two things to consider focusing on as a blogger is to publish new posts often and consistently. When discussing frequency, it refers to how often you will be able to post to your blog in a day or a week, and that the more content you add, the better it is. Consistency means staying on schedule of how often you update your blog and posting new content without fail. If you’re going to give your readers a lot of quality content this week, and the very next week you give them nothing, it’s going to create a sort of an imbalance, which your readers won’t appreciate. In order to get people to subscribe to your blog you need to make them believe and have faith in your blog, so that they know they will get regular updates if they subscribe.

Take Advantage of an Existing Audience: if you have other blogs that are well established why not leverage those audiences to get more subscribers to your blog? If you have already built up audiences on other platforms, you’ve got the opportunity to do a lot of cross promotion.

It’s even better if the audience is easy to target for your current blog. Not being focused enough can cause so many opportunities to pass us by. Look around to find out if there are other sources you can leverage to get your existing audience to pay attention to your blog content and what it can do for them.

Track Your Feeds: It is incredibly common to find out that you have a broken link or some other tech glitch that has rendered your RSS Feed broken and unusable. You should try and keep a check on your feed to ensure that it’s working all the time, because by not doing so, you may be losing valuable subscribers that are trying to get on your list.

This doesn’t mean, though that all of your attention needs to be focused on this single thing, periodic checking in should be sufficient. Besides that, having a broken link or something similar may setup a wrong impression on your readers, and they may suddenly stop reading your blog looking at the whole scenario as unprofessional. You never know how your readers may react, so ensure that you’re giving them a smooth experience in every possible way.

The beginning stages of your blog and audience development are always going to be a challenge and that’s why you need to work to gain repeat visitors so that your traffic stays balanced.


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