How to configure a wifi Router ?

Setting up a router is something that hardly anyone can do. Initially one might think that it is a very difficult task, they may take support from a friend or a cousin. Instead, with a little effort and patience, anyone can set up their home Wi-Fi router. Here in this article we will explain how to access the router. We will tell you what you need to do to connect to your modem router with the computer, so that you can make the configurations you need.

How to configure a wifi Router

 It does not matter what the brand of your modem router is. It can be TIM (formerly Telecom Italia), Fastweb, Vodafone Station, TP-Link, ASUS, DrayTek, MikroTik, D-Link, Ubiquiti Networks, Zyxel, Cisco, Juniper Networks or another. The procedure is always the same. So, if you agree, let’s get started right away.

Another problem could be if a router has been connected to the modem . Since the network is connected to the router, you may be able to get into the router, but not the modem. This could happen because the modem is on another subnet than that of the LAN. Or, because the modem has been put into bridge mode . This is normal when you have to connect a router in cascade, because doing so avoids double NAT.

Step 1: Position the router properly

Step 2: Now find the private ip address and type it in the web browser( By default modem router is reachable at or But it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer – Check the instructions on the package)

Step 3: Access the control panel with your username and password

Usually, the default user and password are admin and blank password , admin and admin , admin and administrator , administrator and blank password.

Once you have successfully accessed the router, you can monitor the network and perform various configurations.


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