Investing In Precious Metals Requires Doing Some Homework

The first time a person can put their own money into a reliable market marks a major turning point in their life. Investing in a gold IRA is one of the safest and least risky ways to save for retirement compared to the stock market. It is also one of the most secure options for escaping from your debts and other financial problems.

An integral part of their business is informing and educating consumers about the many uses that precious metals investments may be put to. Prior to making significant purchases, consumers are educated on all their options.

Gold prices are set by merchants who must factor in not just their desired profit margin but also other associated costs such as those associated with packaging, transporting the gold to the customer, authenticating its value, and processing the customer’s payment. This variable causes price fluctuations.

When it comes to money, some gold is better than others.

Learn everything you can about the many variations in bars and coins. Though gold in its purest form is valuable, not all gold forms are suitable for investment. For accounting purposes, there is a wide range of subcategories that may be applied to gold.

Some specific instances of these categories are as follows:

  • Collectors’ coins typically have no value in terms of investment. They are only worth money to collectors and are not accepted under any gold IRAs.
  • Because gold bars are available in different weights, the demand for a specific size bar may be higher or lower at times. This is just the typical supply and demand system, and usually, a gold IRA broker can fill your requests within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Gold is not the only valuable precious metal that is acceptable for purchase in a gold IRA. You can find out through your broker exactly which metals they deal with, and what the purchase increments are to add them to your IRA.

I am planning to start an investment portfolio, but I need to know which precious metals to buy.

Real gold jewelry is also available to customers in addition to gold coins and bars. You may find a wide selection of stunning jewelry that was made from real gold. At any stage of the buying process, the consumer might change their mind and go in a different direction. An exorbitant markup is sometimes blamed for gold jewelry’s high price.

The exceptional quality of the goods and the significant financial commitment made by the merchants are two major contributors to its success. For this reason, gold-plated accessories are not usually considered safe gold investments. This is because pure gold jewelry is more valuable than its gold-plated counterpart.

Before being considered investment-worthy, gold bars must be 99.5% pure. Learn the many subtle yet important ways in which bars and coins differ from one another. There are very strict regulations of the purity standards for metals as they relate to investments, and any failure to adhere to this can result in penalties from the IRS (, as well as the fact that you will be out money for metals that do not meet IRS criteria.

Investment gold may be broken down into many different types. For those who are aware of what gold is worth now, the first thing to be done is diligent research on the metals that you want to invest in. Not only do you want to research the products themselves, but performing a good amount of research on your potential brokers is imperative. You do not want to end up losing money dealing with metals brokers who are dishonest and do not have any credibility in the market. That is the easiest way to end up losing your retirement funds.

A simple internet search can lead you to many precious metals brokers. You can contact them individually and ask them for a new investors kit, and they will send you a packet of information about their company and how they conduct business on your behalf. However, you must do your own legwork. Do not ever simply take the broker’s word that they are on the up and up. Research the company thoroughly, read the online reviews and speak with people you know who have invested in gold IRAs to see who they brokered through to get their accounts started.

Some Signs You May Want to Avoid a Broker

Almost everything these days, as far as businesses are concerned, has a rating from BBB or Trustpilot, some form of consumer advocate agency has given an opinion and a score. It is simply a fact of doing business in the internet age. It should not be that hard-to-find reviews and a score on the broker you are looking to do business with. In addition, there should be reviews that you can read through, and a lot of places have interactive forums where you can share stories with other readers and investors. This is a plus because you can then verify the person who is giving the review of the company.

If the broker does not have much of an online presence, that could be a red flag not to do business with them. If all the reviews are negative, or all of the reviews talk about paying money but never receiving a product, you will also want to avoid doing business with them. There are plenty of reputable companies with lots of accessible information that can assist you in getting started on your own gold IRA. Do not take unnecessary risks and end up losing your retirement funds. Choose a reputable company with good reviews in the industry.

For the first decade and a half of its existence, had an excellent reputation among customers and competitors alike. They were recommended as a great way to diversify your portfolio and purchase precious metals by many different firms and organizations, and they received many positive evaluations from their clients. In 2020, however, allegations surfaced that had been scamming its clients, and the company’s reputation quickly plummeted. The assets of were frozen when they were put into receivership in September 2020. In the following paragraphs, we will go further into the specifics of what happened. is down for the count right now. If you enter the URL, you will be sent to a website with information on the receivership and the dates by which you may file a response in the lawsuit against the firm. Investors should ignore any correspondence from or, according to the website.

What Happened to

As we have already established, you cannot reach them via their website right now. As a result of customer complaints, the firm has been placed in receivership, and the website has been taken down. Unfortunately, there were several warning signs in the information online.

These were not trivial issues, however. At least 1,600 victims have come forward alleging that they lost over $185 million to, which is the subject of an ongoing investigation. According to the lawsuits, allegedly sold the plaintiffs’ precious metals at rates up to 300 percent over the going market rate.


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