Mastering Order and Ranking Questions for Bank Exams

Preparing for bank exams can be daunting, especially when it comes to specific sections like order and ranking. These parts often confuse candidates, but with the right strategies, you can master them. This article delves into practical methods to tackle order and ranking questions in Hindi, ensuring your exam prep is more focused and successful.

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Demystifying Order and Ranking

Understanding the structure of these questions is critical. They are designed to test your logical reasoning and ability to sequence data based on given conditions. It’s about arranging items or people in a specific order or determining their ranks. The goal is to think logically, not just memorise facts.

It’s essential to familiarise yourself with various patterns these questions can take, like linear arrangements or hierarchical structures. By recognising these patterns, you can quickly apply appropriate strategies. Practice with as many variations as possible to build your confidence in identifying and solving these types of questions.

Break Down the Problem

Start by carefully reading the question. Identify keywords and conditions. This step is crucial. It helps you understand the scenario and the requirements. Then, break the problem into smaller, manageable parts. This approach simplifies complex scenarios, making it easier to find solutions.

Focus on one part of the question at a time, ensuring you don’t get overwhelmed. If the question involves multiple variables, tackle them one by one. It’s also helpful to jot down key points as you dissect the question, keeping track of your thought process and reducing the risk of errors.

Visualise with Diagrams

Visual aids can be game-changers. Sketch diagrams to represent the given information. This makes it easier to see relationships and hierarchies among the elements. Diagrams also help avoid confusion, ensuring you don’t miss critical details.

Whether it’s a simple line diagram or a more complex grid, visual representation helps in better understanding and quicker recall. It’s beneficial in questions where relative positions are involved. Try different types of diagrams during practice to see which works best for you.

Practice Regularly

There’s no substitute for practice. Regularly solving different types of questions enhances your understanding and speed. Initially, focus on accuracy rather than speed. As you get comfortable, gradually increase your pace. This balance is crucial for exam success. Treat practice sessions like the actual exam. Time yourself, create an exam-like environment and resist the urge to peek at the answers.

Analyse your performance after each session, identifying areas of improvement. Additionally, incorporating a variety of question types in your practice sessions can prepare you for unexpected challenges, ensuring you’re well-rounded and adaptable on exam day.

Use Elimination Techniques

Sometimes, the correct answer emerges by eliminating incorrect options. This technique is beneficial under time constraints. If you’re unsure, eliminate the least likely options to increase your chances of choosing the correct answer. This method is not just about guessing; it’s an informed process based on the information you’ve gathered from the question.

Remember, every incorrect option you eliminate increases your probability of selecting the correct answer. Train yourself to spot and rule out implausible options quickly. Additionally, this approach helps in managing time effectively, as it steers your focus towards more probable answers, saving precious minutes during the exam.


Adequate preparation for order and ranking questions in Hindi requires understanding, visualisation, and consistent practice. These strategies simplify your bank exam prep, making it more manageable and less intimidating. Remember, success in these exams is about strategy as much as knowledge. With these tips, you’re well on your way to acing the order and ranking section. Your journey towards mastering these questions is a step towards securing your desired score in bank exams. Stay persistent, practice diligently, and use these strategies to your advantage.


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