What is Strukin Limassol Charge?

The problem with today’s system is that the credit card doesn’t need any OTP authorization; hence, anyone with your card details can use your card, and you can be a victim of fraud. There are dozens of data breaches every year, and in these breaches, the financial details of the people are compromised. Because of this, you need to be very careful with your credit card and raise a flag as soon as you see any suspicious transaction on your card. Many of our community members reached out to us to check about Strukin Limassol’s charge, and we did the homework for them. In the section below, we have listed all the information about Strukin Limassol. Go ahead and check out the details now.

Strukin Limassol Charge

What is Strukin Limassol Charge?

Strukin Limassol is one such charge which can be hard to distinguish. It appeared on the credit card when people used King Billy Online Casino. The charge showed up in such cases as Strukin Limassol. So, if you are using casino services, this is certainly a legit charge. However, there is another bit to it. Many people reported that the transaction appeared on their card, and they didn’t authorize it. These transactions were over and above what they authorized King Billy Online Casino for. So, this is certainly something that people didn’t anticipate. They see these charges on their transaction history of King Billy Online Casino. This is the reason why people are reporting this as a fraud. So, if you also see unauthorized charges with the description Strukin Limassol, you need to take proactive steps to safeguard your finances.

To proactively stop fraudulent transactions, you must call the card issuer immediately. The contact details of the card issuer are available on the back of your card. Once you call them, you need to report fraud for Strukin Limassol. A temporary hold will be placed on the settlement of the transaction, and it will be investigated. The bank may even add a temporary credit to your account. Once this is done, the bank will also send you a replacement for the credit card.

It may also appear as one of the following in your Statement : 

1 CHECKCARD Strukin, Limassol
2 CHKCARD Strukin, Limassol
3 CHKCARDStrukin, Limassol
4 Misc. Debit Strukin, Limassol
5 PENDING Strukin, Limassol
6 POS Debit Strukin, Limassol
7 POS PUR Strukin, Limassol
8 POS PURCH Strukin, Limassol
9 POS PURCHASE Strukin, Limassol
10 POS REFUND Strukin, Limassol
11 PRE-AUTH Strukin, Limassol
12 Visa Check Card Strukin, Limassol MC



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