TFL GOV UK CP TFL Travel CH Charge

Many public transport system allows you to undertake a journey by directly paying with a card. Some transportation system requires you to purchase a travel token or a travel pass which you can buy from the station itself. If you noticed TFL GOV UK CP TFL Travel CH Charge on your credit card or the bank statement and would like to know more about this charge, you are on the right page. We have shared more details about TFL GOV UK CP TFL Travel CH Charge in the section below. Go ahead and check it out now.

TFL GOV UK CP TFL Travel CH Charge

What is TFL GOV UK CP TFL Travel CH Charge?

TFL GOV UK CP TFL Travel CH Charge is very specific to Transport for London, and this is what TFL stands for. The official website of Transport for London is If you have traveled using public transport in London and made the payment using the same card, you will see charges with the description TFL TRAVEL CHARGE TFL.GOV.UK/CP  Charge. In most cases, the charges are self-explanatory, and you would not have to struggle to find details if you travel via tube. Your contactless credit or debit card can be used for transportation. So, if you traveled using the metro and you are seeing this charge, then it is justified. You can match it up with the fare of the journey. However, if you have not traveled using Transport for London and if you see this charge, then you are a victim of fraud.

To connect with TFL, you can dial 0343 222 1234. You can also visit the service kiosk for more details. In addition, a dedicated section on the RFL website addresses your query about the charges on the card. You can talk to them, and they will help you with the refund. At the same time, we also recommend connecting with the bank and seeking clarity about TFL GOV UK CP TFL Travel CH Charge. Get your card hotlisted to prevent any future fraud.

It may appear as one of the following in your Bank Statement

1 Checkcard tfl travel charge tfl.Gov.Uk/cp
2 Chkcard tfl travel charge tfl.Gov.Uk/cp
3 Chkcardtfl travel charge tfl.Gov.Uk/cp
4 Misc. Debit tfl travel charge tfl.Gov.Uk/cp
5 Pending tfl travel charge tfl.Gov.Uk/cp
6 Pos debit tfl travel charge tfl.Gov.Uk/cp
7 Pos pur tfl travel charge tfl.Gov.Uk/cp
8 Pos purch tfl travel charge tfl.Gov.Uk/cp
9 Pos purchase tfl travel charge tfl.Gov.Uk/cp
10 Pos refund tfl travel charge tfl.Gov.Uk/cp
11 Pre-auth tfl travel charge tfl.Gov.Uk/cp
12 Visa check card tfl travel charge tfl.Gov.Uk/cp mc



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