Tips to set a coupon marketing strategy apart

Companies seek to drive sales through marketing campaigns. One method of attracting new customers to a business is by offering discounts. Existing customers can also be enticed through discounts. A great way to promote discounts is through plastic coupon cards. But, in order for a coupon card to be enticing, it is for it to stand out. 

90% of consumers in a study used coupons in 2020. And, there were 1.05 billion coupon users in 2019.

Four ways to set a coupon strategy apart

Customers expect discounts. Discounts drive loyalty amongst customers. If the strategy is executed correctly, it can drive new customers to the business and inspire brand loyalty.

1. Make use of single-use coupons

Coupons need to have an identifying code. Create generic promo codes for coupons that are the same. 

2. Personalize coupons

Tailor coupons to fit the needs of the customer. Offering customers personalized plastic coupons that offer specials and discounts on items that the customer frequently buys will boost customer loyalty. Limit customization to information that customers have willingly shared with the business. This includes focusing on previously bought items and information that was given when the customer signed up. 

3. Create a sense of urgency

Customers will feel more inclined to take action and make a purchase if there is a time limit on the coupon code. This type of marketing builds value into the process and the purchase. It will encourage customers to take action faster for fear of losing out on the promotion or deal offered by the business.

4. Engage with influencers

Customers love to keep up to date with the latest trends. This means that influencers have a big influence on the purchasing habits of customers. Using an influencer as part of the marketing campaign means that customers will have more trust in the product being promoted or service offered.


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