AIC Motor Club Charge

As per an analysis, we noticed that most of the time, the charges that are hard to recognize on a credit card are recurring. Since you haven’t made that transaction manually, you tend to forget it. Some of these charges can be monthly, and some can be annual. Many people have not started setting these recurring charges on insurance as well. It makes things easy for you as you don’t miss out on the insurance payments. one such charge is AICMotor Club Charge.

aic motor club charge

What is aic motor club charge?

This charge is from Allstate Insurance Company, and it’s for your membership in the Allstate Motor Club. AICMotor Club offers roadside assistance and insurance products. Most people have taken roadside assistance from them since it is considered best. The cost of the Allstate Motor Club varies depending on the membership plan you choose. The basic plan costs $105 per year, and the premium plan costs $179 per year.

If you don’t want to be a member of the Allstate Motor Club, you can cancel your membership at any time. To do this, you can contact 800-726-6033 and connect with an Allstate agent. They can tell you what product has been purchased from your card and other details. If you haven’t made any purchase and think it is a fraud, then their customer service agent can also help you reverse the charges on the card.  In case of fraud, you must also call the bank and request them to raise a dispute. The bank will also reissue your card in such a case. This will prevent any future instances of fraud.  You can also contact them via their website .



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