What Is a CPC SCP Charge on Your Credit Card ?

You may occasionally see unfamiliar charges or abbreviations on your credit card statement that leave you scratching your head. One such charge is CPC SCP. If you’ve recently noticed CPC SCP on your statement and aren’t sure what it means, this guide will provide clarity.

CPC SCP Charge

What is a CPC SCP Charge?

CPC SCP stands for Canada Post Corporation/Société Canadienne des Postes. It indicates a charge from Canada’s national postal service, Canada Post. You may see a CPC SCP charge on your credit card statement for a few reasons:

  • You purchased a product or service directly from Canada Post, such as shipping, stamps, packaging supplies, money orders, etc.
  • You had something shipped to you and the charge covers duties, taxes, or delivery fees from Canada Post that weren’t included in your original transaction. This often happens with international purchases.
  • You printed a shipping label or used a registered mail service online and paid via credit card. The charge will show up separately as CPC SCP.

So in summary, any payment made directly to Canada Post for their products/services, or fees related to a shipment they delivered on your behalf can show up on your statement with the CPC SCP designation.

Why Do CPC SCP Charges Appear?

As Canada’s postal service, Canada Post provides both domestic and international shipping and delivery. They also offer related products and services that consumers, businesses, and organizations utilize on a regular basis.

When you make a purchase from or related to Canada Post, they have merchant codes set up with major credit card companies to properly classify the charges. CPC SCP is the abbreviated code used to identify Canada Post transactions for accounting and billing purposes.

Some common reasons a CPC SCP charge may appear on your credit card Statement include:

  • Paying customs brokerage or duty fees on an international shipment
  • Fees for registration, insurance, or tracking on a domestic package
  • Purchases of shipping supplies like boxes, tubes, or envelopes
  • Payment for post office box rental
  • Buying prepaid shipping labels online
  • Sending funds domestically via money order
  • Adding funds to a Canada Post prepaid credit card

As you can see, CPC SCP covers any goods you buy directly from Canada Post or extra carrier charges related to a shipment they handle. It’s not always for the same service. Knowing the context around when you do business with or utilize Canada Post can help identify what a particular CPC SCP charge was for if it seems unfamiliar.

What if I Don’t Recognize the Charge?

If you don’t recall utilizing Canada Post services or making a relevant purchase from them and find an unexpected CPC SCP charge, don’t panic. There is likely a simple explanation.

First, check your purchase history and transaction records from around the time the CPC SCP charge posted just to confirm you didn’t buy shipping labels, send a money order, etc. If you confirm no Canada Post transactions, contact your credit card provider.

They can investigate the charge, contact Canada Post for details, and initiate a reversal if it is determined to be fraudulent or inaccurate. Make sure to notify them promptly within your card’s dispute timeframe, usually 60-90 days from the statement close date.

The Takeaway

Seeing unfamiliar CPC SCP charges from Canada Post on your credit card statement occasionally is normal for consumers that ship packages, buy supplies, or utilize other postal services. But if you don’t recall engaging with Canada Post and don’t recognize the charge, contact your card provider promptly to report the issue and have them investigate.

It may also appear as one of the following in your bank statement

2 CHKCARD CPC/SCP #0271187
4 Misc. Debit CPC/SCP #0271187
5 PENDING CPC/SCP #0271187
6 POS Debit CPC/SCP #0271187
7 POS PUR CPC/SCP #0271187
8 POS PURCH CPC/SCP #0271187
10 POS REFUND CPC/SCP #0271187
11 PRE-AUTH CPC/SCP #0271187
12 Visa Check Card CPC/SCP #0271187 MC



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