How Do You Use A Car Shipping Cost Calculator?

Finding the cheapest pricing is an important step in the auto shipping process, whether you’re relocating across the nation or just a few hundred miles. A vehicle shipping tool is a great tool for estimating potential costs for auto shipping services.

A car shipping calculator: what is it?

Some automobile shipping firms include an application or tool on their websites that enables customers to acquire hassle-free rates for auto transportation. While some vehicle shipping calculators compile information to be forwarded to the auto shipper’s agents, others provide users fast prices.

How Does a Calculator for Car Shipping Operate?

Typically, the automobile shipping calculators that automobile transport businesses create for their websites are where online auto transport quotations originate. The consumer must enter details about their automobile, the kind of shipping services they desire, and the date on which they would like the shipment to occur in order for the tool to provide a free quotation.

Although automobile shipping calculators differ from business to provider, they often require the following data:

  • Type, make, model, the operability of the vehicle
  • Preferred dates for delivery and pickup
  • Drop-off and pickup locations
  • Car shipment in open or covered vehicles
  • Your name, phone number, and email address

The auto shipping calculator then applies an equation to get a rough cost estimate for a vehicle transport. In general, the Roadrunner transportation costs calculator is fairly accurate as long as all of the parameters are entered correctly.

A network for carriers that the transport agency works with will frequently receive information from a representative with the vehicle transport firm. After receiving bids from carriers, the agent updates the customer on the shipment’s specifics.

Is the quote for shipping a car the final cost?

It’s better to think of a car shipping quotation as a ballpark figure. The automobile shipping quotation you obtain is often not the total cost of the shipment because additional service costs and insurance premiums could be included.

Some auto transport businesses make an effort to guarantee that the price you are quoted for is the amount you ultimately pay.

Costs of Average Auto Transport

Most auto transportation companies figure the rate to haul your vehicle in up to 500-mile increments. For example, if you are shipping your vehicle 1,500 miles, it might cost .53 per mile. However, if you’re shipping your car for 2,100 miles, it could cost .49 per mile. Of course, these numbers are just an example, but most shippers offer a standard set of per mile rates such as these.

Multiply the travel time of your cargo by the price per mile to get an estimate of the cost to send your automobile.

The auto shipping calculator will only do this calculation as its initial step in calculating how much it will cost to ship your car. The projected price may fluctuate due to other elements including market circumstances and your car’s size.

Popular Routes for Auto Transport

Although these rates per mile offer a starting point, keep in mind that the amount you’ll pay to transport along these routes might fluctuate. For instance, your stated price will rise if you select a covered carriage rather than an open carrier. Your vehicle shipment may cost higher if you reside in a rural region ( outside of one of these significant cities.

Cost-Related Factors for Shipping Automobiles

The cost you pay will depend on the state of the market and the specifics of your cargo. Take into account the variables that affect vehicle shipment rates in order to prevent unpleasant surprises while comparing the final transportation cost to the estimate:

  • Shipping distances: Long-distance shipments are more expensive overall than shorter-distance shipments, but they are less expensive per mile.
  • Vehicle size: Large, heavier automobiles like trucks and SUVs cost more to freight than regular sedans.
  • Condition of the vehicle: The cost of transportation increases since it takes more work to load inoperable autos into carrier trucks.
  • Locations for pickup and delivery: Shipping between rural distribution and pickup points is more expensive since it requires more time and fuel to get there.
  • Time frame: For a considerable cost, certain vehicle transport firms provide fast shipment. Booking your automobile transport service a minimum of two weeks before the trip will typically result in a lower cost. A flexible schedule might also enable you to save money.
  • Open transport for cars is the most affordable method of shipping an automobile. Even though enclosed auto transport might cost up to 50% more, it provides additional security for expensive and vintage cars.
  • The season: Rates for transporting cars go up in January through the summer since there is more demand for it.
  • Gas costs: The cost of shipping an automobile will increase as gasoline prices rise.


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