MLT School 800-736-4753 MN Charge on Bank Statement

Many times, an organization contracts a third party to provide specific services. When you are making payments, the payments will likely be processed directly through the third party that was contracted to provide the services. If you see MLT School 800-736-4753 MN Charge on Bank Statement, this charge also relates to something similar. In the section below, we have shared more details about the charge, and we are sure it will help you with the required details. So, without waiting any further, go ahead and check out the information about this charge.

MLT School 800-736-4753 MN Charge

What is MLT School 800-736-4753 MN Charge on Bank Statement?

If you see MLT School 800-736-4753 MN Charge on Bank Statement, then it means that you have paid for a school photo. MLT stands for My LifeTouch, and this company is contracted by many schools. The core business of the company is to provide services related to school photos. So, they help the schools in making their yearbook. Parents and students pay the school through the MLT portal; hence, you see MLT School 800-736-4753 MN Charge on Bank Statement. So, you can try to recall if you have made any such payment. You might also want to check with your partner or with your child if they made this payment through your card.

If you are looking for more clarification about this charge, then it is better to call 800 736 4735. This is not a fraudulent transaction. Some parents call schools to get more details about these charges, but we do not recommend this. You must contact MLT directly. If you have not paid for the school photo, then My LifeTouch can also help you reverse the charge. In case you feel it’s a fraudulent transaction, please reach out to your bank.

Contact LifeTouch

  • LifeTouch Address: 11000 Viking Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 USA
  • LifeTouch Customer Service: 800-736-4753
  • ShutterFly Address: 10 Almaden Blvd., Suite 900 San Jose, CA 95113
  • ShutterFly Phone Number: 952-826-4928
  • Website:

It may also appear as one of the following in your bank statement

1 CHECKCARD MLT (SCHOOL) 800-736-4753 MN
2 CHKCARD MLT (SCHOOL) 800-736-4753 MN
3 CHKCARDMLT (SCHOOL) 800-736-4753 MN
4 Misc. Debit MLT (SCHOOL) 800-736-4753 MN
5 PENDING MLT (SCHOOL) 800-736-4753 MN
6 POS Debit MLT (SCHOOL) 800-736-4753 MN
7 POS PUR MLT (SCHOOL) 800-736-4753 MN
8 POS PURCH MLT (SCHOOL) 800-736-4753 MN
10 POS REFUND MLT (SCHOOL) 800-736-4753 MN
11 PRE-AUTH MLT (SCHOOL) 800-736-4753 MN
12 Visa Check Card MLT (SCHOOL) 800-736-4753 MN MC


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