Nayax Canada Inc Credit Card Charge

In our country, there are hundreds of different operators for Vending Machines. They all use different payment partners; hence, whenever you use a vending machine, the description changes depending on who manages the vending machine. This is the same case globally, and today, most vending machines can accept payment through digital methods. Credit card remains to be on top of the charts. If you are trying to investigate a payment that appeared on your credit card with the description Nayax Canada Inc, then we are here to help you. We have shared more details about Nayax Canada Inc‘s credit card payment in the section below.

What is Nayax Canada Inc Credit Card Charge?

Nayax Canada Inc appears on your card when a payment is processed through Nayax LLC. This is a company that enables vendors to accept cashless payments. Nayax LLC is not just restricted to Canada, but it has global partners. So, if you have used any vending machine, car wash, air vac, or kiddie ride, then you are expected to see the payment with the description Nayax Canada Inc. The user might be restricted to Canada or North American countries in this case.

Nayax Canada Inc Credit Card Charge

In most cases, Nayax Canada Inc is considered to be a legit charge. If you have been charged more than the product’s expected price or have not used any such service, then you need to get this addressed. We have shared more information about getting help in the next section.

If you have been charged more than the expected amount or if you have been charged without using any such service, then you would need to contact Nayax LLC. They will be able to help you resolve the issue. The support contact is available on their official website. In addition, if the charge has appeared on your statement without using any such services, you must also reach out to the card issuer and cancel your card. It is very likely that someone stole your card details and used it with the vendor.

It may appear as one of the following in your Bank Statement

1 Checkcard nayax llc
2 Chkcard nayax llc
3 Chkcardnayax llc
4 Misc. Debit nayax llc
5 Pending nayax llc
6 Pos debit nayax llc
7 Pos pur nayax llc
8 Pos purch nayax llc
9 Pos purchase nayax llc
10 Pos refund nayax llc
11 Pre-auth nayax llc
12 Visa check card nayax llc mc


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