What is SPN Shopatron Charge on Credit Card?

We have noticed that the description of charges on the credit card statement varies a lot from the name of the store where you made this transaction. One similar charge that was reported to us appears as SPN Shopatron Charge. Many of our Canadian community members reported this charge and wanted clarification on why SPN Shopatron Charge appeared on their credit card statements. So, we did the homework and compiled all the possible information about these charges. Go ahead and check out more details in the section below.

What is SPN Shopatron Charge on Credit Card?

SPN Shopatron Charge appears on your card when you transact on Giant Tiger. For those unaware, Giant Tiger is a store chain in Canada. They use Shopatroh/KIBO for processing all digital or cashless payments. Giant Tiger has more than 260 stores in Canada and is a household name. The store offers great discounts and offers. Many purchase clothing, makeup, furniture, groceries, and baby products from this store. So, if you have used your card at Giant Tiger, then SPN Shopatron Charge is legit. However, if you or your family member has yet to use a credit card here, you must investigate further.

SPN Shopatron Charge

The first thing to do is to contact the Giant Tiger store and ask them about SPN Shopatron Charge. Their contact number is 877 919 6949. You can also contact them via email at [email protected]; however, it is recommended to call them since the lead times would be shorter. In addition to this, you must also call your credit card issuer and notify them about SPN Shopatron Charge. The number of the credit card issuer will be available on the back of your card. They can help you recover the money, and they will also replace the card for you so that you don’t lose more money because of some fraud. Before we conclude, please note that some of our community members also reported that SPN Shopatron Charge appeared as Shop A Tron on their card, and both of them are the same charges.

It may appear as one of the following in your Bank Statement

1 Checkcard spn*shopatron
2 Chkcard spn*shopatron
3 Chkcardspn*shopatron
4 Misc. Debit spn*shopatron
5 Pending spn*shopatron
6 Pos debit spn*shopatron
7 Pos pur spn*shopatron
8 Pos purch spn*shopatron
9 Pos purchase spn*shopatron
10 Pos refund spn*shopatron
11 Pre-auth spn*shopatron
12 Visa check card spn*shopatron mc



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