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A massive transition to the remote work mode significantly impacted the software development industry. Consequently, there are numerous internal staff members replaced with specialist external teams. 

Whether you are a startup striving to build your first MVP or an established enterprise seeking to increase productivity, a dedicated software development team will prove to be the best decision. Let’s find out why.

What is a Dedicated Team

A dedicated development team comprises highly skilled engineers hired by a company for a specific long-term project. This team includes specialists focused solely on completing the project within set parameters.

A key advantage of dedicated development teams is your control over the project and its outcome. These team members work exclusively on your project. They integrate seamlessly with your internal setup like regular employees. You have the flexibility to adjust team size quickly and minimize administrative tasks. Moreover, they can adapt swiftly to changing requirements. It provides a skilled IT team that is available whenever you need them, ready to be released once the project is done.

Dedicated Software Development

Why Would You Want to Employ a Specialized Software Development Team?

The outsourcing market is expanding at an exponential rate. By 2028, a Statista analysis predicts that the worldwide market for IT outsourcing will have grown to an astounding $129.90 billion. The following convincing data about outsourcing are driving this trend: 

  • In 2022, more than 76% of business owners asserted that outside vendors provided their IT services.
  • SpareMyTime’s 2023 study indicates that more than 48% of UK businesses already actively outsource their services.

These figures demonstrate how significant and medium-sized companies increasingly use external development teams.

Dedicated development team structure

The structure of a dedicated development team isn’t fixed. It depends on the project’s goals. Here are some typical roles found in such teams:

  • Project manager plans, coordinates, and ensures project delivery.
  • Developers write code for the software.
  • UX/UI designer creates the visual design, including the user interface and experience.
  • QA engineers test the app to ensure it meets requirements.
  • DevOps engineer handles app deployment and infrastructure management.
  • Business analyst gathers and analyzes project requirements to meet business objectives.

Hiring a remote development team can be a smart move for large projects. It offers many benefits and cost savings.


The dedicated team model is a strategic partnership between a software development vendor (supplier) and a business (client) seeking specific tech skills. ALLSTARSIT works closely with clients to establish a collaborative framework with shared and individual responsibilities. Their process is simple, consisting of three steps:

  • The team discusses your needs, exchanges ideas, and sets goals for the partnership. Once you agree, you’ll sign a contract to begin the collaboration.
  • They carefully select and screen candidates based on your requirements. The team conducts thorough interviews to ensure your project is suitable.
  • They onboard your new team members and handle all local compliance, payroll, and administrative tasks. Ultimately, ALLSTARSIT provides ongoing support throughout the partnership.

In conclusion, there has been a major impact on the software development business from the broad transition to remote employment. It led to the rise of dedicated development teams, which offer companies the flexibility and specialized expertise needed to navigate the complex landscape of modern software projects. Partnerships with reputable vendors like ALLSTARSIT further streamline the process, offering tailored solutions and expert guidance.


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