Creative Methods for Getting Visitors Onto Your Blog and to Subscribe

Creative Methods for Getting Visitors Onto Your Blog and to Subscribe

If you have been producing business link for a while, you might be paying someone else to do them. Obviously, the best SEO plugins are being applied on your website and you are confident that everything on the page is rock-hard professional. But if you are new to IM, blogs and search engine optimization, then you have to get up to speed without a doubt. There are plenty of customized methods for off-page items which are basically another method of backlinking. We will discuss some backlinking strategies that are not as popular, but they still are very functional.

There is great wisdom and value if you can find smart ways to get people involved on your blog, and that is usually called interaction. You want them to put that mouse and keyboard to work. The reason you do this is because it will condition them and plant important seeds in their minds that will compel them to stay for longer periods of time. This is why it’s important to spend some time figuring out creative yet simple methods for increasing interactions. Just a few ideas include polls on different pages, embedded videos, asking them questions at the end of blog posts, etc.

One of the most common decisions for those who are starting a new blog is choosing between a paid or free theme. Free themes almost always require links back to the source in the footers. It’s pretty common for free themes to come with encrypted codes and you won’t know what those codes do. Only the theme developer understands what that code will do. Paid themes tend to come without all the little annoyances that free themes include. Still, make sure you protect yourself and only buy themes from designers who are credible and have respectable reputations.

All right, let’s take a look at how to make your blog posts more riveting and eye catching. You will be putting some simple copywriting techniques to work like in-post sub headings and graphics and images. Examine the content of your articles and posts and make physical breaks where you switch from one idea to the next idea. Compose some sub-headings that will intrigue your readers without giving anything away. When you format your content, use a bolded and larger font for your sub-headings than you do for your body content. In terms of graphics, make sure that you put at least one relevant graphic into every blog post. Put it into a strategic spot and put a relevant sub-title with it too.

Whenever you stumble across new ideas for your blog that you think could have merit, test them out.

Quick tests can help you learn all sorts of things and besides, you don’t have to use the idea across your whole site. For example, we talked about the in-line link to internal pages on your blog. The truth is that it can work very well but you still need to track the results. A simple tracking script like Analytics is all you need to see how many clicks it is going to get. When you’ve spent some time doing that you’ll amass a lot of data that can help direct you toward the right path.


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