WWW Ingogo Mascot NS Credit Card Charge

Online cab aggregators usually pre-authorize your credit card and charge you at the end of the trip. If you are using any such cab application, then you would know that that is a standard process. The same process has been adopted by offline cab service providers as well. If you are trying to investigate WWW Ingogo Mascot NS Credit Card Charge, we are here to help you. We have completed our research and found all the details pertaining to this transaction. You can jump to the next section to get the required details. So, go ahead and check out the details now.

What is WWW Ingogo Mascot NS Credit Card Charge?

WWW Ingogo Mascot NS Credit Card Charge is specific to Ingogo Taxi Services. They operate majorly in Sydney and Melbourne. The taxi service has an app and a website as well that you can use to book cab services. They are extremely reliable and flexible. With the help of Ingogo, you can even book a cab ride in advance. So, if you are in Australia or recently traveled to Australia and have used taxi services, then you are expected to see WWW Ingogo Mascot NS Credit Card Charge. The driver for the cab services uses an online system to process the payments; hence, the charges appear as WWW Ingogo Mascot NS. To find more details about the charge, you can check the booking history on your mobile app.

WWW Ingogo Mascot NS Credit Card Charge

If you need more details about WWW Ingogo Mascot NS Credit Card Charge, then you can also call the helpline of the cab services. They will be able to give you additional information. However, if you have not used any such cab service and if you don’t anticipate WWW Ingogo Mascot NS Credit Card Charge, then it could also be a case of fraud. In such a case, you would need to call your bank and raise a dispute against this transaction. The bank will help you with a chargeback, and at the same time, they will also help you get a new card.

It may appear as one of the following in your Bank Statement 

1 Checkcard www.Ingogo mascot nsw
2 Chkcard www.Ingogo mascot nsw
3 Chkcardwww.Ingogo mascot nsw
4 Misc. Debit www.Ingogo mascot nsw
5 Pending www.Ingogo mascot nsw
6 Pos debit www.Ingogo mascot nsw
7 Pos pur www.Ingogo mascot nsw
8 Pos purch www.Ingogo mascot nsw
9 Pos purchase www.Ingogo mascot nsw
10 Pos refund www.Ingogo mascot nsw
11 Pre-auth www.Ingogo mascot nsw
12 Visa check card www.Ingogo mascot nsw mc



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