Getting High Quality Traffic and Leads From Facebook

People that have been around for a couple years on the web, specifically those that have created a reputable product or service, should consider making a better offer than ever before. Essentially, it’s quite simple – take each of your products and services, and make small changes to start the process. If you do this right, you can do so much very quickly, and your updates will be fast and meaningful. You can revise and bring come content offerings more current which will have a positive impact on your marketing efforts.

Getting High Quality Traffic and Leads From Facebook

Did you know that your color selection can make people want to stay longer or make them want to leave? Some colors will work well for some niches and not so well with others, and that’s an important distinction. People are far more forgiving about image color and not so forgiving about the site design. The right color combinations have to be there so you can avoid color clashes.

As quickly as you can, always fix SEO deficient pages on your website, especially those which could actually hurt your rankings. You need to check each page for on-page keyword phrases, making sure that all of them are appropriate for the page itself. What you need to do is approach this from an A/B split testing perspective in order to choose your keywords properly. Although it may be in your best interest to start over, you might want to try just fixing things. Take each page, and look at what it has to offer, before you decide to make if it changes.

High rankings, and your success with your Google Places page, require you to have customer reviews. As you can imagine, there are many who try to game the system and submit fake reviews. You don’t want to do this because it is risky, and can cost you if people find out. Reel reviews from real businesses – this is what is happening now to boost Places listings for many companies. Instead of cheating and getting fake reviews, they are offering bonuses to these businesses to give reviews, which is not that much different.

Basically, you are giving incentives for a review which makes the customer review not that legit. More than likely, this person would be fined, if doing the same exact thing for affiliate product testimonials. You have to identify a solution for your issue if that’s the reason you aren’t moving forward. However, taking things one step at a time is the best approach for most people. There are others, however, who learn how to swim by jumping in the deep end of the pool. You really have to work on your problem but the best approach is your decision.


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