MGP*Vinted 29060371895 on Bank Statement

Some scammers will try to charge your card for a small transaction. If the transaction goes through, they will try to scam you by making big or multiple small transactions. If you see MGP Vinted 29060371895 on your bank statement or credit card, you must investigate it further. After multiple requests from our community members, we did the investigation and compiled all the information about MGP Vinted 29060371895. Check out the next section to understand if it is a fraudulent charge or if it is a legit charge.

What is MGP Vinted 29060371895 on Bank Statement?

If you see MGP Vinted 29060371895 on your bank statement or credit card, then we don’t have good news for you. MGP Vinted 29060371895 is associated with a fraudulent charge. Many people reported that they got charged by MGP Vinted 29060371895 in multiple transactions and lost a lot of money. In some cases, people had their cards locked, and hence the transactions didn’t go through. However, many people reported that they ignored some of the transactions, which were as small as 10p, and eventually got charged hundreds of GBP owing to the fraud. We couldn’t find a way to cancel this transaction, so the only way to stop the fraud was to block your card. Find out more details about claiming the money back in the next section.

MGP*Vinted 29060371895 on Bank Statement

I Need More Clarification

To get your hard-earned money back, you should call your bank or the card issuer and raise a dispute against all these charges. The bank will investigate the charges further and hold the settlement. In addition, you must also request your card issuer to get you a new card after blocking this. Such replacements are free of cost, so you don’t have to worry about additional charges. The bank can take up to 45 days to investigate and close the transaction. It is possible that you have been a victim of a data leak or financial information theft, because of which scammers got your card details and were able to use it to their advantage.

It may appear as one of the following in your credit card Statement

1 Checkcard mgp*vinted 29060371895
2 Chkcard mgp*vinted 29060371895
3 Chkcardmgp*vinted 29060371895
4 Misc. Debit mgp*vinted 29060371895
5 Pending mgp*vinted 29060371895
6 Pos debit mgp*vinted 29060371895
7 Pos pur mgp*vinted 29060371895
8 Pos purch mgp*vinted 29060371895
9 Pos purchase mgp*vinted 29060371895
10 Pos refund mgp*vinted 29060371895
11 Pre-auth mgp*vinted 29060371895
12 Visa check card mgp*vinted 29060371895 mc


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