What is AMAPPS LTD Charge?

In today’s digital world, online subscriptions and recurring payments are commonplace. However, these can sometimes lead to confusing charges on your bank statements from unfamiliar companies. One such entity that often pops up is ‘AM Apps Ltd’, leaving many users puzzled about what these charges mean.


This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on AM Apps Ltd, explain why these charges appear, and provide advice on what to do if you spot these transactions. By analyzing multiple perspectives from references provided, we will explore this AM Apps Ltd enigma in-depth.

What is AM Apps Ltd?

AM Apps Ltd is the company behind the popular health and fitness app ‘Simple Fasting’. This UK-based firm develops apps focused on supporting intermittent fasting and overall wellness. Simple Fasting allows users to track fasting periods, access health tips and articles, and connect with a community of wellness enthusiasts.

Charges from AM Apps Ltd on your bank statement indicate you or someone else signed up for a recurring subscription via Simple Fasting. The app runs on a subscription model where users pay ongoing fees to utilize premium features and content. These charges are processed using platforms like Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or PayPal.

When you subscribe to Simple Fasting, AM Apps Ltd handles the billing and recurring payments, hence their name appearing on your statement. The transaction description often includes ‘IAT’ or ‘International’ along with the processor, signaling it is a cross-border payment.

Mechanism Behind AM Apps Ltd Charges

AM Apps Ltd relies on major payment gateways to process its subscription fees.

The IAT or International ACH Transaction indicator shows the payment originated internationally before hitting your bank account.

PAYPAL as the processor means you likely signed up using your PayPal account. However, AM Apps Ltd charges can also show up with APPLE.COM or GOOGLE *PLAY if subscribed via iOS App Store or Google Play Store respectively.

Subscription Auto-Renewal – A Probable Culprit

Many incidences of AM Apps Ltd charges stem from users forgetting they signed up for a Simple Fasting subscription. The app works on an auto-renewal system where your subscription is automatically extended at the end of its term.

Unless you manually canceled before the renewal date, AM Apps Ltd will continue billing your original payment method. This catches some subscribers off guard when charges appear for a subscription they don’t recall signing up for.

However, these renewals are legal and standard for most digital subscriptions nowadays. Before opting for auto-renewals, always note the renewal date and set reminders to review if you wish to continue the subscription.

Signs of Potential Unauthorized Charges

While most AM Apps Ltd charges are legitimate transactions, some scenarios warrant extra scrutiny:

  • You continue getting charged after canceling your Simple Fasting subscription
  • Charges appear on multiple cards despite only signing up with one
  • Recurring fees don’t match your original subscription plan
  • Being double-charged for the same subscription

Such situations could indicate unauthorized transactions or billing errors. Unfortunately, multiple Simple Fasting users have reported facing these very issues.

Some subscribers found themselves still being charged even after actively canceling subscriptions or disabling auto-renewal. Others were billed simultaneously on different cards without consent.

These questionable practices have led to growing complaints against AM Apps Ltd and its billing procedures. While not every charge is fraudulent, the pattern of concerns prompts the need for caution when reviewing AM Apps Ltd transactions.

How to Handle Potentially Fraudulent Charges

If you spot any charges on your statement that seem illegitimate or downright suspicious, here are some recommended steps:

  • Review transactions on all your credit and debit cards to uncover the full extent of unauthorized charges.
  • Cross-check active subscriptions under your account for associated platforms like Apple, Google, or PayPal. See if there are any active renewals lining up with the charges.
  • Contact support teams of the relevant platform (App Store, Play Store, PayPal). Provide transaction details and request clarity on the charges.
  • Follow up with your bank’s fraud and dispute resolution teams for potentially unauthorized credit card transactions. Furnish transaction information and ask them to reverse the charges.
  • Consider canceling the card altogether to prevent further illicit charges if fraud seems likely. Report the card as lost or stolen.
  • Keep records of any correspondence and actions taken to contest the charges. This aids dispute resolution.
  • Set up subscription management tools that alert you to upcoming auto-renewals and help avoid surprise charges.
  • Periodically review subscriptions and be vigilant about cancellation confirmations to ensure charges discontinue.

By taking swift action and contacting the relevant authorities, you can potentially get fraudulent charges reversed or blocked. Don’t delay contesting any charges that seem illegitimate.

Preventative Measures

Being proactive is key to avoiding situations where you are caught unaware by subscription charges. Here are some tips:

  • Consolidate subscriptions: Use a dedicated card for all subscriptions so you have a centralized method to monitor and manage auto-renewals.
  • Flag renewal dates: Mark upcoming renewal dates on your calendar and set reminders to review subscriptions.
  • Review terms: Understand the subscription’s renewal policy, cancellation process, and billing frequency to avoid surprises.
  • Track subscriptions: Use budgeting apps or services like Mint, Honeydue, and TrackMySubs to monitor subscriptions across platforms.
  • Turn off auto-renewal: Disable auto-renewal unless you are absolutely sure you want to continue the subscription term after term.
  • Follow up on cancellations: Verify receipt of confirmation messages after you cancel a subscription.
  • Keep payment details current: Update details on your accounts to ensure you receive renewal notices and can review subscriptions easily.

Remaining vigilant is key to getting ahead of recurring charges. While most are legitimate, you need to keep a lookout for any unauthorized transactions.

Key Questions About AM Apps Ltd Charges

After going over the fundamental details, you may still have some questions surrounding these pesky AM Apps Ltd charges. Let’s explore some key questions with comprehensive answers:

Is AM Apps Ltd a legitimate company?

Yes, AM Apps Ltd is a registered UK company that operates legally. They are the legitimate developers behind the Simple Fasting app. However, their billing practices and subscription management have come under scrutiny for the issues discussed earlier.

How can I cancel my AM Apps Ltd/Simple Fasting subscription?

To cancel, open Simple Fasting and go to settings. Select your active subscription under ‘Manage Subscriptions’ and turn off auto-renewal or choose to ‘Cancel Subscription’. Alternatively, you can cancel directly via your App Store, Play Store or PayPal account which was used to sign up.

Can I get a refund for illegitimate AM Apps Ltd charges?

If you have been wrongly charged without authorization, contact your bank and payment platform to dispute the charges and request a refund. Provide necessary transaction details and lodge a formal complaint. If your case is justified, you are entitled to get your money back.

Why might I see multiple AM Apps Ltd charges?

Possible reasons include – multiple active subscriptions, renewal fees for the same subscription being double-charged, signing up on different platforms like Apple and Google simultaneously, or even fraudulent transactions. Carefully review your subscriptions and statements.

How do I contact AM Apps Ltd for disputing charges?

AM Apps Ltd does not offer direct customer service. Get in touch with the platform through which you subscribed and your bank for resolving payment disputes. You can also lodge formal complaints against AM Apps Ltd with consumer forums for further investigation.

The Bottom Line

Dealing with obscure subscription charges can be disconcerting. Hopefully, this guide has succeeded in demystifying the AM Apps Ltd enigma. While much is still opaque about their billing protocols, knowledge and vigilance is power when reviewing your statements.

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