What Is WUVISAAFT Charge ?

There are many different types of charges that you may notice on the account. The way these transactions are defined makes it very difficult to understand them. In such a case, someone who is not able to recognize the transaction can get panicked. If you are looking for information on the transaction that appears with the description WUVISAAFT, then you are on the right page. We have shared all the information on this page and are sure it will help you get the required details.



Western Union and VISA have teamed up to provide a convenient service called “Western Union VISA Account Funding Transaction” or “VISA Account Funding Transaction with Western Union.” This service allows customers to transfer money from their VISA debit or credit card to a Western Union money transfer, making it easy to send money to friends and family in need.

WUVISAAFT can be broken into 3 parts 

  1. WU which is western UNION
  2. VISA either VISA debit or Credit Card
  3. AFT stands for Account Funding Transaction

One of the main advantages of this service is the speed and convenience it provides. Customers can initiate the transaction through the Western Union website or app, and the funds can be available to the recipient within minutes. This makes it an ideal solution for people who need to send money quickly, such as in emergency situations or to pay bills.

Another benefit of the Western Union VISA Account Funding Transaction is the flexibility it provides. Customers can choose to send money to over 200 countries and territories worldwide, and the recipient can pick up the funds at a Western Union location or have them deposited into their bank account. This means that even if the recipient doesn’t have a bank account, they can still receive the funds.

The Western Union VISA Account Funding Transaction is also a secure way to transfer money. VISA uses advanced security measures to protect customers’ personal and financial information, and Western Union has been a trusted name in money transfers for over 160 years. Customers can feel confident that their money is being sent safely and securely.

To use this service, customers simply need to create an account with Western Union and link their VISA debit or credit card. They can then choose the amount they want to send, select the recipient’s country, and send the money. The recipient will receive a notification and can pick up the funds at a Western Union location or have them deposited into their bank account.

In conclusion, the Western Union VISA Account Funding Transaction is a fast, flexible, and secure way to send money to friends and family in need. With its global reach and multiple payout options, it is an ideal solution for anyone who needs to send money quickly and reliably.

What is WUVISAAFT Charge On My Card Statement?

WUVISAAFT appears on your credit card or the bank statement when you have used the card for transferring money to someone via Western Union. WUVISAAFT charge appears when you send the money locally or even overseas. Sometimes, WUVISAAFT also appears on your statement when you have paid a bill. You should be good if you remember making any such transaction like this. Otherwise, it can be a potential fraud. Please note that this can be a recurring charge or a one-time charge.

I Need More Clarification?

If you haven’t made this transaction and you think this is a fraudulent transaction, then you would need to contact Western Union. There will be a contact number along with a description of the transaction that you can call. If you are unaware of Western Union’s contact number, then you can dial 800 325 6000. They can share more details of the transaction and to whom the money has been sent. In addition, if you believe this to be a fraudulent transaction, you must also contact the bank and place a temporary/permanent hold on the transaction. This will prevent any chances of fraud on your account. You must only raise a dispute if you are 100% sure that this is a fraudulent charge.



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